What Are The Best Exercises To Increase Vertical Leap?

Can you recall what a game winning slam dunk feels like? If not it is because you probably can’t dunk. If you can’t dunk it is probably because you cannot jump high. Let’s be honest, jumping high is one of the keys to being a better athlete. If you can’t jump high you are missing a big part of being the best athlete you can be. If you are here reading this then I am glad you are searching for a way to improve your athletic ability. I am going to be showing you the best exercises to increase vertical leap, but first…

Can I Really Use Exercises To Increase Vertical Leap?

You cannot improve your vertical leap, you are born with hops and there is no way you can change that. If you believed that statement then you are like most people. That statement is false and I am going to prove to you why. Your body is built to jump high. Some people are born with the ability and others have to train it, but everybody has the potential to increase their vertical jump an incredible amount. If you learn how to use exercises to increase your vertical leap you will be jumping over your competition in no time.

full squats for vertical jump

What Are The Best Exercises To Increase Vertical Leap?

There is not better exercise than the squat. If you are not doing squats you need to. And by squats I mean full squats, none of those quarter and half squats. The reason you need full squats is because your hips are the most important thing when it comes to jumping high, doing full squats hit your hips better than anything else. Some other exercises to increase vertical leap are the deadlift, power clean, depth jump, and lunges. You want to look for compound exercises, which are exercises that involve more than one muscle group. Stay away from stuff like leg curls, leg extensions, and calf raises.

How Can I Use These Exercises To Increase My Vertical Leap?

Now that you know what the best exercises to increase your vertical are you are probably wondering how you can use each exercise to its fullest potential. You are probably asking yourself “how many sets should I do?” “How many reps need to be done?” “How many times per week do I workout?” Luckily, the answers are all in the Vert Shock program. It is by far the best program I have ever seen and it will work. To learn more about the Adam Folker Vert Shock, visit official website.