Tips on How to Dunk a Basketball

Helpful Hints and Tips on How to Dunk a Basketball

The Slam Dunk…..the most impressive move in basketball. It excites the crowd, pumps up your teammates, demoralizes the opponent and gives you a boost of confidence. Unfortunately, not all of us are capable of throwing down that game changing dunk. Below are tips on how to dunk a basketball like a true pro.

Let’s face it, the higher you can jump the easier it is to dunk. Below I have the perfect workout routine to help you gain those inches that you need.

5 Tips on How to Dunk a Basketball

  1. Work On Your Vertical Leap – First and foremost we need to make sure that we are able to jump high enough to throw the ball down. If we are not getting high enough the other adam-folkertips on this page won’t matter. If you need help on how to increase your vertical, visit:
  2. Hand Size is Important – Having large hands is a definite advantage when it comes to dunking. Dunking is much easier if you can palm the ball. If you have smaller hands then stick to a two handed dunk.
  3. Work On Your Jumping Form – The better your jumping form is the higher you are going to be able to leap. We want to use all the momentum that we have to EXPLODE UP towards the rim.

– Dribble towards the basket at a good pace

– Pick up the ball from your dribble about 10 feet out

– Exaggerate the last step

– Know in your mind that YOU CAN jump high enough, and recruit all your muscle fibers

– EXPLODE UP as hard as you can

– Throw the ball down

  1. Use The Ball – We want to use ALL the momentum that we can in order to achieve our highest leap. So, use the basketball to create a little more momentum for you. Grasp the ball firmly with both hands, when you are preparing to leap bend your knees and bring the ball between your legs, EXPLODE UP and at the same time raise your arms and bring the ball over your head. This will help you to efficiently use the upward momentum and force that the basketball creates.
  2. Gauge Your Height – You have to be realistic, in order to dunk a basketball one handed you need to be able to reach at least 6 inches over the rim and 8 inches for a two handed dunk. If you are not able to do this then I recommend working on your vertical leap.

Slam dunk

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